Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Impressions

What do you get when a total of 5 people, 2 have met before, go into an airport bar?
I already have nick-names started. Seeing as the 2 guys on the trip are both MARKS. Niamh from Canada - a travel specialists if you will - with an adorable Canadian accent mixed with Irish tones and beauty - was in the window seat next to me. Her fear of not being a cyclist at all brings out the "Coach Bevco" in me, and I look forward to seeing her enjoy some of the riding! Instantly we were sharing stories like we were sisters, dropping inappropriate comments, and mutually shocked at the rudeness of our flight attendant. In the 3ft space in which we had to share for 15 hours, it's a good thing we are sisters that get along great! Kate is energetic and beautiful and fit with an "Oh I decided I wanted to do a triathlon, so I did an Ironman" innocently intimidating adventurous attitude. Rooms, or houses or places to call home are scattered about the world, and I want to do more with, and ride her coat tails as she lives life fully! The Marks! Mark Blacknell I'm calling "Wireless Mark", as this DC blogging cyclist lawyer by day seems wicked smart. I repeat questions to him in disbelief, as even though he knows that there really isn't any freeWiFi - I question it constantly - in hopes his answer will change. He has that "I could be an actor" look, calm confidence and sweet traveling companion attitude. Last to join our group at the airport bar was "Cola Mark", or Bike Hugger Mark, or "@originalmarkv" for you Twitter followers. First impression, total bike messenger cliche japan-ation character turned human. Adorable, energetic, constantly wired on Coke, straight Coca Cola- or with Jack to add some spice. Whispy hair jutting out from what looks like a russian military hat with flaps folded up to look like a guinea pigs ears. Dropping gear head specs like "changed by bike to a 34 yada yada with a 22 yida yappa". Yes, brought his own bike, and I get the feeling we all get to learn some bike skills from this agile wired, world traveling character. This, my friends, is going to be a fun trip!
See how this Taiwan Airport picture almost makes you feel like you are on a moving sidewalk going backwards? Well maybe it's just how I feel when I see it, as after being curled up in a middle seat made for 'umpa lumpas' for 15 hours, not hydrating or eating enough, no sleep in last 24hrs, my vanishing point started moving. My first impression of Taiwan was SHINY! How could they keep these floors so reflective?!

We were kindly bussed over by our tour guide "Joe" - to the HOTEL HOWARD. My word of the day is HOWARD, as it's my brother's name, and made me feel at home here in my sleep deprived if not what felt like I'd been drugged space I was in. The best part about the Howard... was this morning as I looked out and came back to life, the view of Taipei with all its' densely packed buildings that I could see through... are you ready?... a window that OPENS!

FRUIT OF THE DAY: Apple, Pear, and green looking orange.
Thank goodness for this at the hotel room, or I think I'd be found in a sugarless coma today.


  1. Mark V brought his bike?!! Is it his goofy little BMX?

  2. Yokota - it was his beautiful custom Sycip :-).