Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I love everybody on my Southwest flight!

I was A-1 to board... & gate keeper held up boarding as we discussed shoving this heavy "carry-on" into an overhead. I stayed strong & insisted I could make it happen, I don't want to go to baggage claim before heading to China Airlines gate in LAX.

Well everybody saw the interaction since I was first to board - and were so nice. I sat up front after removing items from my bag & having 2 kind souls help me lift it into the tiny overhead. I stuffed it so good that I think I'll let everybody exit before I try & extract it.

Must of had 5 passengers congratulate me as they came on board as they had had bets whether or not I'd get the bag to fit! Ha!

The amazing adventure begins. Nice people everywhere!

The only casualty was in security- they confiscated my beautiful & pricey pedal wrench. The sacrificial tool was over 7" long. It was worth the confidence that my luggage is with me.

Maybe NOW I can lose my anxiety & start enjoying the journey. Been a "Nervous Nelly".

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